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Boys and Girls Club

Boys and Girls Club of Central Georgia has been a staple in the community since 1949, when it opened on Second Street in downtown Macon. The organization currently has a number of clubs spread throughout Central Georgia. Recently, the Boys and Girls Club received approximately 30 tablets that Quality Computers provided through its Technology Access Program (T.A.P). The tablets were sold at a significant discounted price.

“Connect Home and Connect2Compete is one of the greatest services provided to this community,” says Philip Bryant, president of the Boys and Girls Club of Central Georgia. “The tablets we received from Quality Computers helped to support children and families that qualified under the Connect Home and Connect2Compete programs.”

The majority of the children that received tablets reside in HUD housing. The tablets have been used to help the children do homework and surf the internet using search engines to complete school assignments. One important aspect of receiving these devices, says Bryant, is that parents can now apply for jobs and complete applications. “This has allowed them to apply for jobs without having to take public transportation to several places to apply for jobs,” he says.

According to the Pew Research Center, individuals that have access to technology devices are more likely than those with no internet connection to take advantage of numerous learning opportunities. Bryant agrees. “Any time kids can be connected to the internet, this will allow them to become more productive members of society,” he remarks. The Pew Research Center further reports that most Americans agree technology is beneficial in many ways in American society.

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