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Quality Computer's TAP

Technology has, inevitably, infiltrated almost every aspect of our lives. We socialize, learn, shop and browse online. And the trend shows no sign of slowing down. Quality Computers has been a staple in the Middle Georgia community for over 25 years, providing technical support, installing new systems, selling computers and selling computer accessories.

In 2013, President of Quality Computers, Brad Spiegel and his team, decided to launch a community-based program. The Technology Access Program began as a way for seniors to communicate with their children and grandchildren.

According to Brad, his wife worked at a senior center and noticed many of the residents had not seen their loved ones in a long time. Realizing that computer devices would help to solve this issue, Brad and his team decided to launch the program.

The program quickly expanded to children and families after Brad and his team received information on the graduation rate in Middle Georgia.

“When the numbers for the graduation rate in 2011-2014 were released, we were horrified,” says Brad. “We knew we had to join forces and make a change. Our thoughts were, ‘Not in our town!’” The Technology Access Program then grew into an initiative committed to providing support to non-profit organizations in need of computers or technology assistance.

Shortly after the Technology Access Program was launched at Quality Computers, EveryoneOn approached Quality to become a partner via their Connect2Compete program. Connect2Compete (C2C) is EveryoneOn’s flagship program for K-12 students and provides affordable internet and devices to students and families that qualify for the National School Lunch Program. Quality Computers and Cox Communications are C2C partners in Middle Georgia.

“Partnering with Connect2Compete allowed us to expand the Technology Access Program and partner with Microsoft,” says Brad.

The feedback has been positive. “It hasn’t just impacted the kids, but the entire family,” explains Brad. “The program has enabled parents to apply for new jobs; helped the kids connect with other external family members and helped to motivate them to stay in school.”

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