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Street to Success

It all started with a basketball. Ray Rover, founder of the non-profit organization, ‘Street to Success,’ spotted some boys in the community and told them they could play basketball if they came and received tutoring. The 1960’s era gym is now used weekly by boys between the ages of 10 to 14 years old.

“Our motto to these kids is that they need to work hard, study hard and it will bring them success,” says Rover. “It’s the only way out of poverty.”

‘Street to Success’ has been effective. To expand their tutoring program, Rover reached out to Quality Computers requesting technology assistance. The kids that attend the program work with teachers and qualified tutors to complete homework and work on school projects. There’s an average of 60 kids that attend ‘Street to Success’ per week.

“Tablets make a huge difference for the students,” says Rover. Quality Computers provided hours of technical service to ‘Street to Success,’ advising Rover on a number of computer-related issues. “We experienced problems with some of the tablets and Quality Computers helped to track down the manufacturer and got replacements,” says Rover.

Basketball has served as a positive incentive for the kids to complete their school work. According to Rover grades have improved and the program has even helped young men and women go on to college, get jobs and support their families.

“We started ‘Street to Success’ with $38 and now the ministry has grown to service over 40 boys in the community,” says Rover. “Our vision is to provide a safe place where young men from the Houston Avenue south area [of Macon] receive love and encouragement; to find a hiding place in Christ through physical and spiritual life practices.”

Quality Computers has provided assistance, via T.A.P (Technology Assistance Program) to the Bibb County Board of Education, Connect2Compete, Disability Connections and many other organizations.

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